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Pet Parlour

Our Pet Groomers are professionally trained and we dedicate all our energy and love for what we do, to every furry customer that comes to us. With our experience and skills, we bring out the best in every furry friend.

Full Grooming From $70 to $200
Basic Grooming From $30 to $100
Show Cut From $150
Wash + Blow From $20 to $100

Ala Carte Services

Nail Trimming + Filing $20
Ear Cleaning $10
Paw Pads Trimming $10-15
Feet Trimming $10
Anal Glands Expression + Clipping Anal Area $10
Tooth Brushing $5
Dental Cleaning From $120
Face Trimming $15
De-Matting From $10
Hair Dyeing From $40 
Tattoo From $20
Coat Collar Enhancement $8

SPA Services
Micro Bubbles Spa From $40
Mud Treatment From $40

Other Services
Cat Grooming From $80 to $140
Other Small Animals From $30 to $70

Pet Sitting

We are able to go to your house to look after your pets if they are more comfortable at home. Contact us for an arrangement.

Doggie Day Care
We understand how busy life can get! There is no need for your four legged family member to spend all day at home, lonely and bored while you are at work or busy getting jobs done. Our dedication is to making your life easier while loving your pets like our own. You may like to indulge your best friend in one of our Salon or Spa service.

  Full Day Half Day (4 hours) Short Stay
Large Breed $50 $35 $10 / hour
Small Breed $40 $25 $8 / hour


Pet Transport

Need someone to ferry your pet? We provide pet transport to our location as well as to other locations like the vet or parks etc. Contact us for the rates.